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Kathryn’s Pilates is a Pilates Reformer studio in Whakatane designed to be a peaceful retreat from our busy lives. Our studio is quiet, smells divine and has 5 reformer machines.

Take a look at what some of our clients have to say in the reviews below.


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“You can be yourself! We get a great workout! Friendly professional relaxed atmosphere.”

Karen Murray

“From the moment I walked into Kathryn’s studio, I was welcomed by everyone in the class. That was such a great moment. The quality of the Pilates teaching is next level and precise. I recommend it to everyone.”

Sasha V Cessford

“I can’t believe how simulating and engaging Kat is at every session. Investing in Kathryn’s Pilates is positively life-changing.”

Sue Hill

“There is no room for complacency here. Just when you think you are doing well Kathryn (Katt) comes up with another seemingly simple movement or routine that stretches a muscle you hadn’t made acquaintance with before. I have decided I am a self-induced sadist as I simply ADORE making these new muscle connections. The feeling of satisfaction and well being is hard to beat. I can’t believe how simulating and engaging Katt is at every session. Investing in Kathryns Pilates is positively life-changing.”

Sue Hill

“You are just amazing Katt. Loving my sessions and the people I share them with. Something to look forward to twice a week and always a new challenge every time. Just when I think I’ve overcome every exercise bang you hit us with something else. LUV LUV LUV it. I highly recommend this form of keeping fit and can feel the changes within me. Without pain there is no gain best thing I ever did was join you in my new journey.”

Mateira Akuhata

“Kia Ora everyone! I would like to share something with you all. I am not one to put it out there with what I do or have done, but reformer pilates has changed my life! You see, I have always been right into fitness, but now I suffer from serious arthritis and at the age of 40+ I needed to find something that would give me the quality of life. I started reformer in September with a few goals in mind before Xmas. 

  1. Be strong, toned and lean. 
    2. Get muscle strength back in my hip area that doctors said was wasted away.
    3. To reach my high school weight. 
    Well, I can’t believe it but in 23 sessions I completed it all. So with that I really want to thank Kathryn and Kim for your support and expertise in strengthing and toning a better me, I am forever grateful, words cannot express how happy I am with my results”
Shelley A

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Improving Strength

Improve your strenght with highly effective Pilates Classes

Greater Flexibility

Increase flexibility and general health benefits from our Pilates Classes

Improved Coordination

Experience improved coordination and balance after regular Pilates sessions

Increase Energy

Pilates is low impact by highly effective giving you a boost of energy

Stress Relief

Pilates breathing techniques can help regulate your nervous system


We are committed to helping you reach your goals whether it is fitness,  sculpting, toning or general well-being